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Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan

Raised in Santa Monica, California, Graham Stephan obtained his Real Estate license shortly after his 18th birthday and dove headfirst into the world of Real Estate in 2008. Since then, Graham has sold over $130,000,000 of Residential Real Estate. His notable clients include Orlando Bloom, Chloe Moretz, Suki Waterhouse, LaVar Arrington, Wale, Casper Inc., among many others.


Outside of Real Estate sales, Graham owns six rental properties that he manages in his spare time throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. He also runs one of the largest Personal Finance based YouTube channel with over 10,000,000+ monthly viewers and over 3.7 Million subscribers.




With over 3.7 Million subscribers I've created this channel to share my successes, failures, and experiences in the real estate industry and to support others who are thinking of getting into the business.


Real Estate

Agent Academy

Learn how to become a successful Real Estate Agent with a six-figure income, even if you’re starting with zero connections or experience. Step by step.

Bankroll Coffee

The average millennial spends more money on coffee than they do on retirement, even though they're able to make that same coffee at home for a fraction of the price. That concept has since evolved into Bankroll Coffee, a way to bring you that same cost-saving cup of coffee, at the most competitive price, shipped right to your door - in a way that's designed to save you money.


The Iced Coffee

Hour Podcast

The Iced Coffee Hour was created to learn from people's unique perspective in life and how they got to where they are now. Each week we interview a new entrepreneur, investor, or creator as we break down their path to success, as well as their personal finance habits

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